gthumb catalogs

Authoring catalogs in Python

Attached are Python scripts for writing gThumb catalogs in the old GQView (.gqv) format (version <=2.10) (get script) and in the new XML (.catalog) format (version 2.11) (get script).

from gthumb import make_library, write_catalog
gthumb_library_path = make_library("Library Name")
write_catalog(files_list, "Catalog Name", gthumb_library_path)

where files_list is a list of either relative or absolute paths.  To open your new catalog in gthumb:
    from gthumb import write_and_open_catalog
    write_and_open_catalog(files_list, "Library Name", "Catalog Name")

For the lastest gthumb release, follow the installation instructions here.